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Audie Wykle - Director

Regional Planning

Regional Planning

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to do to split off a piece of land for my children?
    • Contact the Regional Planning office first.  We can review all applicable regulations, restrictions and requirements such as driveway permits, floodplain permits, Health department requirements and subdivision regulations.  It will allow you to look at different options before you make arrangements to finalize the split and before you spend any money.
  • I want to build 6 cabins for rentals and I want to be able to sell them individually in the future.  How do I do this?
    • Each cabin would have to have it’s own separate tract that would meet all current subdivision regulations including public road frontage, access management rules, lot size, Health department requirements and floodplain regulations.
  • Will the Comprehensive Plan update create zoning?
    • No.  The Comprehensive Plan serves as a blueprint for development or non-development, depending on location.  The plan is a series of recommendations that the community has reached through consensus.
  • How is zoning established?
    • A zoning ordinance can only be implemented by a vote of the elected officials at the township or municipal level or by a vote of the citizens at either the township, municipal or county level.
  • What is the difference between subdivision regulations and zoning regulations?
    • Subdivision regulations regulate how land is divided while zoning regulations regulate how land is used.  Hocking County currently has subdivision regulations that were adopted in 1978 and amended in 2000 and these may only be enacted at the county or municipal level.  Zoning regulations currently are in place in the city of Logan and regulate the uses of land within the corporation limits.  General categories are business, industrial and residential for urban areas.  In addition, rural areas may include agriculture, rural residential, green space and recreation.
  • What permits do I need to build a new home or building?
    • If you are in the county, new construction including remodeling requires Health department plan review and permits for plumbing and on-site waste disposal and water systems.  A flood plain determination is needed from the Regional Planning