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Rhonda Wykle

Rhonda Wykle

Clerk of Courts

(740) 385-2616

Court Fees

New Case Filing Fees

Divorce W/O Children$300.00
Divorce W/ Children$300.00
Civil (up to 5 parties)$170.00
Civil (6 or more parties)$195.00

Other Case Filing Fees

Motion for Change of Custody$100.00
Motion to Reopen a Closed Case$100.00
Answer & Cross Complaint/Counterclaim$25.00
Debtor’s Exam$58.00
Cognovit Judgment$105.00
Foreign Judgment$15.00
Court of Appeals$85.00
Preparing Certificate of Judgment$5.00
Filing Certificate of Judgment$28.00
Release Certificate of Judgment$5.00
Release State of Ohio C of J$53.00
Expungement  (Effective 04/04/2023)$50.00
Sealing/Expungements of non-convictionNo Cost
Indigency Application$25.00
Jury Demand$400.00
Judgment Debtor$58.00
Writ of Possession$58.00

Other Fees

Local Court Rules$6.50
Certifying Copies (per page)$1.00
Copies (per page)$0.25