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Audie Wykle - Director

Regional Planning

Regional Planning

(740) 380-9634

Procedures for New Splits / Minor Subdivisions

All newly proposed splits, known as minor subdivisions, must be reviewed by the Hocking County Regional Planning Office (740-380-9634) to assure their compliance with all applicable subdivision regulations. Those include but are not limited to the following:

  1. All new splits, unless transferred to an abutting landowner, must contain a minimum of 80,000 square feet (1.836 acres) or more, and must meet all the requirements as set forth by the Hocking County Health Department regulations (740-385-3030).
  2. In order to be exempt from platting requirements, landowners are limited to creating a maximum of 5 splits from the original parent tract (4 new tracts and the remainder), if any one of these new tracts is less than 5 acres.  After creating the 5 splits, a 6 year waiting period must pass before further splitting   will be considered, unless the property is platted as a major subdivision.
  3. All tracts must have approvable public road frontage (a minimum of 100’) as adopted by the Hocking County Subdivision Regulations in 1978. Tracts with frontage on county and township roads must meet the standards as set by the Hocking County Driveway and Roadside Pipe Policy, adopted in 1998.  Contact the Hocking County Engineer for county roads and the Township Trustees for township roads, for assistance in obtaining preliminary site/road frontage approvals for splits on county or township roadways.  Proposed splits with frontage on a state highway must be evaluated for compliance with the Access Management Plan established by (ODOT) Ohio Department of Transportation.  The Hocking State Highway garage is the local contact for assistance in obtaining a determination of useable road frontage, and is reached at the ODOT Facility in Logan (740-385-2629).
  4. All tracts that contain between 1.836 acres and up to 20 acres must be configured in a pattern that does not exceed a 3:1 depth to width ratio, meaning lot depth cannot be greater than 3 times the lot width.
  5. All tracts must meet flood plain requirements as adopted by Hocking County in 2012 and administered through the Regional Planning Office.
  6. New property descriptions and plats must be prepared by a surveyor who is registered in Ohio.  The survey must be approved by the Hocking County Engineer's Office (740-385-8543) for compliance with the minimum survey and transfer standards as adopted in 1981 and 2014 respectively.