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Audie Wykle - Director

Regional Planning

Regional Planning

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Summary of Procedures for Subdivision Plat Approval

Approval of any new subdivision shall be conditional upon compliance with all applicable statutes, resolutions and regulations of the county, and following this summary alone shall in no way guarantee approval of the subdivision plat.

  1. Hold pre-application meeting between developer and County Planning Office, County Engineer, Health Department, Soil Conservation Service, Township Trustees, any and all applicable utility companies, Flood Plain Coordinator, and Planning Commission members. Developer should submit a sketch of the proposed subdivision and this meeting should include discussion of all subdivision aspects including any possible variance requests. (Sections 3.00–3.02)
  2. Planning Commission holds public hearings – optional. (Section 3.13)
  3. Submit to the County Planning Office plat copies of the proposed subdivision in order to be sent to all Planning Commission members as well as the Health Department, Soil Conservation Service, utility companies, Flood Plain Coordinator and Township Trustees. Copies must be received by the membership and other required parties a minimum of seven days prior to the next scheduled planning commission meeting. Items required to be sent include: plat with proposed lot and street layout; topo with required contours; proposed water and sewer plans; street design plans if applicable; proposed drainage plan; flood plain areas if applicable; any proposed future development within 2 years if applicable. (Sections 3.12 – 3.21, See Attachment # 1)
  4. Planning Commission holds scheduled meeting with the above pre-submitted information. Developer also at this time submits the final plat application fee along with any other inspection fees and bond that may be applicable for final approval. Developer should also submit approvals from all applicable agencies such as Health Department, Soil Conservation Service, EPA, County Engineer, utility companies, Flood Plain Coordinator, etc. The Planning Commission will act the final plat pending submission of all plans and documents that are required. (Sections 3.12 – 3.40)
  5. Developer records final plat upon approval of the Planning Commission. (Section 3.24)